Northern Woods & Water Highway Association


The Northern Woods & Water Highway Association is an economic development organization financially supported by the communities, businesses, and individuals interested in promoting the use and development of the highway system. The NWWR is a group of small community across 2500 km of the northern portion of the prairies, with limited resources on their own, but pooled can accomplish much.

The former group did the heavy lifting in getting the Highway recognized by the federal, provincial, and municipal governments (see history). Unfortunately, they have not been active for over 20 years and there has been few individuals lobbying to promote the economic benefits of being a part of the nationally recognized TransCanada Highway system.

The current President was involved in the early 1990s, producing the Northern Woods & Water Highway Guide for 4 years as well as a Golf Vacation video for the 43 golf course located along the route. It was the NWW highway and changes he saw in the communities each year that got him interested in economic development as a career.

The marketing tools available today have the potential to reach a far greater number of people cost effectively to encourage them to travel the NWW Highway. But it takes each economic development group, community, business, and individual along the route participating to reach it’s full potential.

You can get involved by purchasing a membership and promoting the NWWR in your community and where ever you go. Marketing is all about letting people know what a great experience they will have in your community. Oh by the way, they will leave some of their money behind in appreciation.



Municipal Membership      $200
Population 500-2000         $500
Population 2001-5000    $1,000
Population 5001-10,000 $2,000
Population 10,000 plus   $3,000

NEW: 2018 Membership includes space in the 2018 Highway Guide.


Under 10 employees     $100

10-50 Employees           $250

51-200 Employees         $500

Over 200 Employees $1,000

Individual and Organizations

Individual Membership   $50

Chamber of Commerce $100

Community Futures,

Regional Economic

Development Groups     $100